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International Mother Language Institute (IMLI) conducts a library and Research Centre of international standard. The Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the International Mother Language Institute (IMLI) Library on the International Mother Language Day (the Immortal 21st February), 2019.

The Library began its journey with a few numbers of books, gazettes, acts and other subject related reading materials which was collected from different sources. As the information technology is changing very fast, it is now time to have introduced a new Library Management Software, which supports web-based online lending and receiving, browsing databases of books, journals, newspapers and magazines, searching full-text online books and journals, tracking circulation system. So under the Establishment of International Mother Language Institute (IMLI) project (2nd Phase) the library became fully automated with a rich collection of books on language-linguistics and related aspects. It also to deployed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Door) self check and book drop records, auto email alert services to embrace and utilize state-of-the-art innovations for better services. The library materials are arranged under modern cataloguing systems so that the users can get them easily. As it is a reference library, the collection of books is focused on Language and linguistics. In addition, it has developed its collection of various subjects to provide the required information to facilitate language teachers, students, and researchers to encourage promotion and preservation of mother languages. The library remains open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during weekdays.


The IMLI library has about 12 thousand plus books on various subjects and a number of reputed journals. There are books, bound gazettes and e-books. In addition, Govt. publications, rules, acts, orders, ordinance, reports are preserved here and a good number of other resources are also preserved in the library. Besides these the library received a good number of books, journals, research reports, annual reports, news-letters, magazines as complimentary copies from different national and International organizations though exchange programs.

Recently two different corners named “Ekuse Corner” and “Bangabandhu & Muktijuddho Corner” have been setup in the library for `the Language Movement (The Immortal 21st February), and `Bangabandhu (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the Father of the nation & founder of the state)’ and `Liberation War in 1971’. Books are displayed in these corners separately.

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